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    We offer products in Signage, Clothing, Print, Merchandise and Web Design
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    Time for Designs
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If you are looking to brand or rebrand your business you are in the right place, At Time for Designs we look at what message your business is trying to give and we work from there.

Before jumping in, lets get a better understanding of what branding is? Put simply it’s a business’s identity, it stands for who and what your business is. When we understand this, it is easy to step back and start looking at what is important in design.

What Time for Designs looks at when helping a company with their brand.

We start by looking at your products and services and see what shapes best suit them, as in what kind of curves they have or do they have sharp edges. Believe it or not this is important, this helps with any design work flow.

The colour/s, what do they say about your business? The colours you use are what make your brand recognizable, If you don’t believe us think about some well known brands and what comes to mind first the logo or the colours? Because of this the colour you use can be one the most important parts of any brand.

The font’s you use you will carry into your Marketing material, Invoice systems, Business material and Web applications. It’s important to get the right font that is easy to read and works for your business.

When we understand the shapes, colours and fonts that work for your business a logo becomes more fluent. This is what gives your logo meaning, remember a logo should never define how a business looks the business should define the logo.

This is just a small part of what Time for Designs looks at when we look at branding, we can also help you with imagery, marketing material and a full corporate identity.

Time for Designs