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    Time for Designs
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Graphic Design

You will always get a copy of the print file with 3mm Bleeds and Crop Marks

Business Cards Flyers Letterheads Comp Slips Brochures Posters Newsletters Banners

At this stage Graphic Design is a vague term that covers a lot in an industry. It’s a graphic designers job to look at two main parts, The design and the cost to the client.

Understanding bad design is a big part to any one’s cost. What we mean by this is simple if you are getting an item designed and your designer does not understand line spacing or adds unnecessary elements into a design, this will end up losing you money long into the future.

We do our best to look at as many elements as we can to help you save money in the long term, from the cost of printing to utilizing the space we have to work on. But at the same time to keep the design clean, easy to read and to make sure the right call to action stands out.

Talk to a member of our team today on how we can save you money on design work and print.

Time for Designs