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    Welcome to Time for Designs
    We offer products in Signage, Clothing, Print, Merchandise and Web Design
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    Graphic Design.
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    Web Development.
    Time for Designs.
    Phone us on +353 (0) 62 61524!
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    Time for Designs
    Contact us today for any project you have with Web Development, Web Design or Graphic Design


Here at Time for Designs we take privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

The information we collect.

Time for Designs website collects information via Google Analytics, We use this information to better understand how people use our site and how many visits we get. This also gives us basic information such as where visits are coming from and what country we get them from. This does not give us any of your personal information. We do not knowingly share any of this information and would not give permission for it to be shared with a third party.

Email subscription we use this to send out our newsletter and product/services promotions and do not share or sell it to anyone. We only get your email when you subscribe and you can opt-out at any time via the end of our newsletter or by emailing us at [email protected]: when you opt-out you will stop receiving our newsletter straight away, but we may need up to 7 days to fully remove your email from any back-ups we have.

Contact forms: This data is used to give you a quote on our products and services, We only keep this data if you become a customer of ours. We keep all data for up-to 6 weeks after all correspondence ends or until you close your account.

Time for Designs only use cookies on this site to make your experience better. We do not use Cookies to collect personal data or track our users.

Account Holders Information

We store your Personal Information such as Name, Address, Company Details, Email address, Phone Number, Any Email Correspondence, Texts, Messaging and or any information we receive in writing when you have an active account with us. We need this information to bill correctly and/or if you have a contract with Time for Designs. For the purpose of contracts, we may need to share this information with our solicitors.

You can have your information removed from our accounts, If and only If your account has been cleared of any outstanding debts and you wish to close your account. If you have any outstanding debts and refuse to pay this information will be used to bring a case against you or your company. This could mean we share this information with a debt collection agency. But they would not have permission from Time for Designs to use your information for anything other than the case at hand.

Time for Designs does not knowingly collect any data form children under the age of 16 and if we find we have we will remove it ASAP.

How we store personal information.

Time for Designs ensures all our data is fully encrypted.

Right to Access

Time for Designs only keeps your data locally you can ask for a copy of what personal information we have at any time. Please allow us 7 days to collect it. If any of your information is outdated or you have your account closed you can ask for it to be removed and fully deleted from our systems. This process can take 7 days to remove it from all backups.

Time for Designs