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SEO (Search engine optimization)

Your websites SEO will define how and where you land in Google, So how does it work and what can Time for Designs do for you.

How it works

Looking to land for a keyword is not always easy but there are a few things we can do to help the process. It starts with good onsite SEO, We start off by looking for any HTML Errors, broken links or Missing Images. When we know everything works as it should we start looking at keyword placement, This can mean changing around some of your content by

  • Adding your keyword to the page title and description
  • Adding your keyword to your heading tags
  • Adding your keyword to your alt tag
  • That your Keywords are in your content.
  • Making sure your content is relevant and helpful

The way you need to look at a website is that it’s a point of sale. This may seem obvious but this is where most people get it wrong. The one question you need to always ask is how relevant is this content and is it helpful. If your answer is no to either one of these questions then your content is wrong.

Offsite SEO

There are two types one is local SEO, This is defined by Google Maps more then any other If your SEO is right you should start seeing results pretty fast and will start seeing your business showing up on Google Maps. You can add your business to Google Maps via Google My Business.

The next is getting your website to land in Google, Although content is one the most important things for any website you still need backlinks. The right kind of backlinks can help push your website for most keywords but if they are wrong your website can get blacklisted by Google.

Time for Designs can help you every step of the way to help you get the best results talk to a member of our team today.

Time for Designs