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Terms and Conditions



The Following Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement under Irish State law between you the Client and Gavin O’Dowd who trades under the name Time for Designs. Terms and Conditions are subject to change we will notify our customers by email. Time for Designs and Our meaning Gavin O’Dowd and You the Client meaning The Customer.


Time for Designs offer quotes for development work and graphic design, Quotes are only valid for 21 days after the date issue. After this time quotes can be subject to change. If a quote is altered by the client or work is added on without Time for Designs consent service can be denied. Email from the client will be used as the basis of the quote.

Contracts with Time for Designs

A contract is in place from the day of the first payment, this is made up from the emails you the client sent Time for Designs and the final quote. This is to state that you the client are happy to move forward with the product and understand that all payments must be made in full of the invoice dates. If a payment is missed or If you the client adds more work or adds additional services that was not outlined on the original quote, all work will stop until a new agreement is in place. Deposits and down payments are non-refundable on services or any work that has started. You the client must be clear on the work to be carried out. Time for Designs is under no obligation to fix or change work error that is the cause of you the client. Time for Designs will follow strike guidelines that you the client outlined to get the final quote and will work within those guidelines until the work is finished.

Web Design

Any work carried out with our web design packages is an already agreed price which is outlined , Web Design packages must be hosted by Time for Designs or a Third party vendor of our choice. You do not have the right to change hosting, nor the right to the websites main code such as CSS files, HTML and so on. This can only be carried out by Time for Designs.

Web Development

Web Development will be an agreed price for you to buy the website, where you can host the website with us or move to a vendor of your choice. You do not have the right to remove our name from the author in the base code, nor do you have the right to distribute, sublicense, sell, rent include in an online or offline database or offer the original or modified files for download. Time for Designs is under no obligation to store back-up or keep the original files for you.

Graphic Design

Time for Designs will follow the strike guidelines you set out for the design. If you do not set out any guideline but want us to move ahead with the design you the client are still liable for the cost even if you feel this is not what you now want. You have the right to ask for the design in the format you need for print such as .pdf with bleeds and crops. You do NOT have the right to distribute, sublicense, sell, rent include in an online or offline database or offer the original or modified files for download.

Permissions and Copyright

You the client are responsible for any Content, Images, Design Ideas, Code Snippets, Source files or any other item that you supply, or if it does not follow copyright or trademark laws. Time for Designs will not knowingly break the law and will pass on all and any details if necessary to prove its innocence. Before you pick a domain name it’s up to you to make sure you are not infringing on a trademark. Find out more about the information we keep

Account Closure

Time for Designs cannot and will not be held responsible for the conduct, views or actions of our clients. Time for Designs does not hold political or religious views and will cancel any account that abuses our staff with harassment, racism, sexism, threatening behaviour, threats of violence or inappropriate language. If you the client lose your account you will lose access to your website and will lose any and payments you made. If you would like to close your account, Time for Designs will close your account only if all payments are up to date, Time for Designs will not close an account if there is a judgement against it or if there is money owed.


You the client has the right to an account statement at any time, This account statement will outline hours worked, pricing, invoice dates, payments dates, how a payment was made and project details. We will always do our utmost to keep our pricing as transparent as possible For accounts with agreed quotes you will be resent the final quote to revert back to. No account statements will be provided for web design packages as the prices are outlined on


All payments must be paid on the invoice date, any payments missed will cause a work stoppage. All invoice are final. 60% deposit is required before any work can start on quotes over €400.00, If the bill is below €400.00 it has to be paid in full before any work will start on new accounts. Deposits are non-refundable on work that we have started or carried out.

Payment types

Time for Designs takes
Phone Payments we accept most major Credit Cards.
Cheque Payments work cannot start until a Cheque payment is cleared, this can take up to 7 working days.
Bank Transfer if you need our bank details they are provided on the bottom of all invoices. Please reference your Invoice Number with any payments made.

Time for Designs