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Web Design How it Works

What We do
Investigation for your Website
Stage One


Ever wondered how your competitors do so well? We start every website design project with finding out what keywords work, what kind of backlinks your competitors have and what page's they land for and why.

UI and Graphic Design
Stage Two

Great UI Design

What is UI Design? UI or User Interface Design is mostly carried out by a Web Designer or Graphic Designer they will determine how the website layout will be and the overall look of it, this could be text and image placement, what font to use and the colours. It's Important to work closely with a UI designer so you can get the finished product you want.

Content is King
Stage Three

Content is King!

A big ranking factor is content! But what kind of content? Ask yourself, how do I educate my customers/clients about my services/products, the more information you give the better your website will do in search engines and you will build trust with your customers/clients. We offer content creation to help boost your website and to help you get more customers!

Is it ok to steal Content? No, you cannot outsmart Google so don't try, Google hate's repeat content and will punish you for doing so at Time for Designs we will never steal content we get our content creators to build you awesome content that’s SEO ready!

Images Sell
Stage Four

Images Sell

People want to be able to see what they are buying always make sure your Images/Photos are clear and easy to see. Think about it you wouldn't buy a product from a shop if you could not see it, Clear Images are and always have been the biggest selling points on any Website

Making Sure Everything is SEO Optimized
UX Design
Stage Five

UX Design

Now that we have the website design and content ready to go, we need to look at what your needs are, what do you need/want to be able to do with the website and what your customers need from it, This could mean a rating system, how do they want to contact you, what features are important to them, Our UX Designers will find the answers for you.

Developing your Website
Stage Six

Time to Develop

Our Developers can build any type of website you need and can build a Custom Built Platform or use WordPress, OpenCart and many others. We will help you find the best platform to help suit your needs and budget!

Testing your Website
Stage Seven


Testing is one of the most important parts of any new website, we will make sure it is fully responsive and works in all browsers. We test that everything works as it should from payment systems to comments systems, and as soon as we see it all works as it should we do an SEO Audit to make sure the onsite SEO is ready to go. Only after all of this do Time for Designs get your website ready for launch!

Stage Eight


Now that we have the easy part done it's time to drive your website up the Serps (search engine result pages), this is where good keyword research comes into play. We will already have this information from our earlier investigation, We will have the main information on how hard it will be to land for, what your competitors are doing and an idea of how much traffic you can expect! How SEO works? We Know a lot of ranking factors but not them all, We know good high quality natural backlinks still play a big part, But we also know so do reviews, how relevant your content is, social media, how long people spend on your website and website security.

The wrong kind of SEO can hurt your website and is not always easy to come back from. If Google for any reason believe your backlinks are not natural or you are getting a lot of fake reviews, your website will get blacklisted until all links and reviews are removed. Always be careful with who is carrying out your SEO. Time for Designs will only ever carry out white hat SEO so you have nothing to worry about. It can take up to 3 months before you see any real results from SEO.

Happy Customers

Awesome Websites

Wordpress Websites

WordPress offer a lot of features out of the box, Wordpress websites are great if you want a basic E-Commerce website or a blog

E-commerce Websites

If you are looking for an advanced E-Commerce platform look no further, With 15 payment options, User Management System, Affiliates System and an easy back-up and restore just to name a few items built into this system.

ModX Websites

Don't believe WordPress will hold up to your needs or do you just want better security for your website, We have just the solution for you talk to a member of our team to find out more

Graphic Design

Do you need a full corporate identity, or maybe you want to rebrand, Our Graphic Designers can help you form logo design to UI design, contact us today, We are always happy to help.

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