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About our Websites

All of Websites are built for the needs of user.

But what does this mean?

Most of our customers came to us because they either have or had a website that is not working for them. What most people have explained to us is that their website is or was too hard to update and the learning curve was too much.

We get this, our job is to make a website as intuitive as possible to use, and this is where we pride ourselves because we know the more you update your website the better it will do in Google, The better your website does the more you tell people how much you love Time for Designs and lets face it at the end of the day it’s all about that love.

We start with you and what you want to add to your website, and we build the website around that content.

So that’s the catch, I don’t have all the content ready and now you will charge me for every single change.

No, Unless you are asking for a lot more function it’s unlikely. It’s all comes down to happy customers we like happy customers they are much easier to deal with, and it still comes back to that love when our customers are happy they are more likely to send us new ones.

Are ye using WordPress

No, We welcome anyone to try one of our test websites before buying.


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